5 Types of Social Media Posts Fans Love blog

5 Types of Social Media Posts Fans Love

One of the biggest challenges of posting on social media is creating original content. You’re pressed for time handling your business and sitting down to plan out effective posts requires a decent chunk of time. You don’t want to publish content that gets scrolled by over and over, though. We’ve gathered a few types of posts to…
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Hashtags: When to Use Them to effectively build your brand

Hashtags: Where to Use Them

Hashtags are everywhere. They even show up verbally in our conversations. But just because you see and hear of them everywhere doesn’t mean your business should be using them everywhere. There is a time and a place for hashtags, which we’ll explore in this article. Hashtags are a topic that can be one word or…
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Free Social Media Checklist to help you stay on track

Free Social Media Checklist

You have a business to run and you know social media is an important component of your business. It’s where your competitors are and it’s where your leads and customers are. So there’s no doubt you need to be on it as well. Do you have a plan or strategy to keep up with social…
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3 Mobile Tools to Create Social Media Visuals that aren't Canva

3 Mobile Tools to Create Social Media Visuals

You know you should plan your posts ahead of time, but sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself in a social media pinch. You’ve got something to share, but you’re on the go with no desktop to make a graphic, and you know you need that graphic. High impact visuals are what…
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4 Ideas to Promote Products on Social Media to help sell

4 Ideas to Promote Products on Social Media

You have products or services on your website and your social media posts regularly link back to your site to help with sales, but are you doing enough with social media? Maximize your efforts on each platform to make buying easier than ever. Here are 4 ideas to promote products on social media. 1. Use…
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5 Common Social Media Mistakes from Great Scott Social Media's Blog

5 Common Social Media Mistakes

5 Common Social Media Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid Social media has taken over our world—and a life of its own. There’s an art to it, yes, but also science. Social media gaffes here and there are par for the course as one navigates the streams of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and a dozen other hot…
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