5 Types of Social Media Posts Fans Love

5 Types of Social Media Posts Fans Love

5 Types of Social Media Posts Fans Love blog

One of the biggest challenges of posting on social media is creating original content. You’re pressed for time handling your business and sitting down to plan out effective posts requires a decent chunk of time. You don’t want to publish content that gets scrolled by over and over, though. We’ve gathered a few types of posts to give your followers’ thumbs a break from scrolling.

1. Perks–give your fans what they want; special deals they won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a 20% discount code or incentivizes them to check-in for the chance to win something, your fans will love it. It increases your Page’s engagement and builds a relationship with your followers.

2. Behind-the-Scenes–everyone loves taking a peek behind the curtain. Show your fans the face behind the brand or the prep work for a special event. Fans like to know they’re following not just a brand, but the person or people who represent the brand.

3. Humor–because who doesn’t love a good laugh? Choose a style that fits your brand. Humor is an excellent tool for humanizing a company and creating connections.

4. Cross-Promote--support your local businesses while promoting your own. Tag your business neighbor or a partner, re-pin their pins, comment on their posts, and so on. You’ll get views from your followers and their followers, too. If they’re savvy, they’ll return the favor.

5. Feature a Customer–one of the strongest post types is showcasing a happy customer. There’s no better recommendation for a company than a smiling customer (preferably tagged in the photo!). Try to get a mix of customers featured in photos and videos to maximize reach and visibility. 

 Good stuff, right? Give value to your followers with every post and they’ll show their appreciation by interacting with the content. It’s a time commitment, but by posting great content, you keep your brand on your followers’ minds. 

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