7 Facebook Live Tips for Your Business

7 Facebook Live Tips for Your Business

7 Facebook Live Tips for Your Business blog

Have you heard the buzz about Facebook Live? Do you keep pushing it off because it’s intimidating? Think again. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should be going Live: it’s cost-effective,  it’s completely unique content, and it allows you to connect with your fans directly. A report from Coschedule found that Facebook users take in 100 million hours of video daily. The Live recordings are watched three times more than regular video recordings and this gap is growing. And it’s still under-utilized by businesses.

 So start planning–be the business ahead of the curve and go Live. Here are 7 tips to maximize your Live game.

 1. Have a reason for going Live, even if it’s just to show off something funny happening right that moment (like a dog walking on its hind-legs) or because you’re sharing important information (like a doctor answering questions from viewers). If the thought of going live makes you uncomfortable, you can practice by setting the Live video’s privacy setting to “Only Me.”  Get a feel for lighting and sound and decide if you need a mic or lights to ensure a good picture for your followers.

 2. Keep it loose, man. Live videos are rarely super polished because even bigger companies realize the appeal of Live: in-the-moment, authentic content. Reading from a script taped beside your cam isn’t going to cut it–followers want you to talk to them, not at them. 

 2. Live lets followers interact with you in real-time, so don’t be afraid to call them out by name. A quick hello when they join or answering a question they’ve asked will encourage them to continue watching because they feel included.

 3. Bloopers and mishaps are part of the appeal of Live–your followers get to see you as a fellow human being, and for the most part, that’s a good thing. 

 4. Plan to go Live regularly. Once a week or once a month, but be consistent. Schedule it based on your life, not your followers’. You can’t be consistent if it’s not convenient.

 5. Don’t waste time. We see a lot of people stalling at the start as they wait for more people to join, but it only loses the attention of those already present. Instead, begin by stating who you are and what you do. Say hello to people by name, and then ask them a question to get the conversation going–before your topic/presentation/sale has even really started. “Where are you all from?” is a common one, but we recommend coming up with something related to your topic or brand.

 6. Re-introduce yourself and the topic at least once during your Live video. People who have just joined the video will appreciate you bringing them up to speed.

 7. When your video is done and you’ve pressed the red “Finish” button, remember to publish the recording to your timeline. Those who couldn’t watch Live will appreciate it.

 Have fun with it and your viewers will too. Live video is the chance for a completely new content strategy, which means the sky’s the limit. 


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