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The End of Facebook for Businesses? Don't panic!

The End of Facebook for Businesses?

In early January, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced major changes coming to Facebook over the next few months. He stated there would be more emphasis on conversations among friends, and fewer business and media posts clogging up the News Feed.   Translation: organic reach will be at its lowest. This isn’t shocking, considering how Facebook has decreased organic reach…
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7 Facebook Live Tips for Your Business blog

7 Facebook Live Tips for Your Business

Have you heard the buzz about Facebook Live? Do you keep pushing it off because it’s intimidating? Think again. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should be going Live: it’s cost-effective,  it’s completely unique content, and it allows you to connect with your fans directly. A report from Coschedule found that Facebook…
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Hashtags: When to Use Them to effectively build your brand

Hashtags: Where to Use Them

Hashtags are everywhere. They even show up verbally in our conversations. But just because you see and hear of them everywhere doesn’t mean your business should be using them everywhere. There is a time and a place for hashtags, which we’ll explore in this article. Hashtags are a topic that can be one word or…
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