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We're your social media marketing partner, supporting your overall marketing strategy with original content that fuels conversation, builds brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, and ultimately positions your business as THE best in its industry.


We create original content for your business, optimized for humans (and favored by algorithms). We’ll create that valuable connection between your business and your audience called trust.


We monitor, engage, and leverage brand mentions across social media platforms, cultivating a positive community built on trust and communication.


We film, edit, and produce videos for our clients, optimizing them for each platform. Whether it’s a series or a one-off, we can help you develop a video strategy.


GREAT SCOTT SOCIAL MEDIA is a small business specializing in helping other small businesses around the country navigate the ever-changing world of social media. We’ve been supporting southeastern Michigan business’s social media presences since 2013, opening up to national clients soon after (thanks to the power of video meetings). Our mission is to create original, value-driven content to build brand awareness and to create trust between the business and the audience.  Founding member Maura Stackpoole-Scott and the Great Scott team are passionate about conversation-fueling content.

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Our Team


Maura Stackpoole

Social Media Manager

Founding Member

Bryon Scott

VP & Account Executive


Kim Trudgeon

Senior Graphic Designer


Katy Siereveld

Team Director


Jennifer Roberts Pauwels

Editor & Analytics 


Sam Meier

Content Creator

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