Why Get a Social Media Audit from Great Scott
A social media audit is a thorough review of your social media profiles to ensure optimization is achieved for each respective network. So what does that mean, exactly? And why are we giving it away for free?

 Many business owners don’t realize there are optimizing opportunities within a social media profile because they don’t take the time to explore all the nooks and crannies. It’s completely understandable, though, given how they have a business to run and all.

 Let’s look at Facebook as an example. A cover photo is pretty obvious when it’s missing, so most business owners take the time to stick something in there. A lot of the times, though, they miss filling in the cover photo’s description. That description is a key spot for inputting their website and telling their followers what they’re about. It’s not the only spot the website should be, either. Want to know where else it should be placed? Get the audit and find out.

 Keywords, on any social media network, are important to use on the profile (think “about” and bio sections) and must be done so naturally—no keyword stuffing! Keywords tell search engines what your site or profile is about, which in turn helps people find and connect with the brand when they search those keywords.

 What’s great about our audit is it’s chock-full of notes to help your profiles be the best they can. It breaks down all your social media must-dos into a manageable to-do list!

 What are you waiting for? It’s free! Get your audit and start improving your profiles by the weekend!

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