4 Ideas to Promote Products on Social Media

4 Ideas to Promote Products on Social Media

4 Ideas to Promote Products on Social Media to help sell

You have products or services on your website and your social media posts regularly link back to your site to help with sales, but are you doing enough with social media? Maximize your efforts on each platform to make buying easier than ever. Here are 4 ideas to promote products on social media.

1. Use Instagram Stories. Instagram now organizes posts by popularity instead of in chronological order, making it harder for businesses to get views. When you post an Instagram Story, though, you have a good chance of always being at the top. Maximize that chance of exposure and include a link to your product in the Story. It makes it a cinch for viewers to buy if the link is right in front of them.

Make sure this feature works on your account by clicking on the “Add Story” button on the top left of your Instagram screen. Film or snap a pic and then look for: Link, Audio, Drawing, and Text. If there is no Link icon, Instagram hasn’t released it to you yet. Check back in a week! If you do see it, select “Link” and add your link. Don’t worry if you don’t have the option to link just yet. Focus on finding influencers (popular social media brands or people with huge followings) who would be interested in partnering with you and adding your link to their Story!

2. Sell directly on Facebook. Did you know Facebook offers an e-commerce platform for your products? You can manually enter products by connecting your Stripe account, or you can consider plugins like WooCommerce Shop to Facebook by StoreYa. It will walk you through the process and it will set-up your products directly on your Facebook page, allowing fans to purchase without ever leaving the social site.

3. Utilize Pinterest Showcase. You may have noticed the new business feature on Pinterest a few weeks ago, which allows businesses to select their best products and display them in a rotating gallery front and center. Change it when you have new products, updated bestsellers to show off, or by season.

You can sell products directly from Pinterest if your site is powered by Shopify or Demandware. They’re called “Buyable Pins.” It takes a little bit of work before you can use them—you must have a sales record from Shopify and you must contact a Demandware customer service manager to get the process going, but the (for now) limited competition makes it worth it.

4. Use Customer Feedback. Whichever social media platform you’re on, you must pay attention to what your fans are saying. In fact, you could come right out and ask them: what do you want from us? Jewelry designer Loriece from Designs by Loriece regularly uses social media to find out what her customer wants. When designing a necklace and undecided on whether the charm should slide on the chain or remain fixed, Loriece put the option out to her customers on Facebook. The post generated plenty of opinions, which had three good results: valuable feedback to help Loriece make her decision, a Facebook post that generated lots of views and reach because of the conversation and increased interest in that product.

Now get out there and maximize your presence! Check our blog next week for more tips in the ever-evolving world of social media.


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