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Sparking Conversations on Social Media

Sparking Conversation: The Secret Sauce to Social Media Engagement Social media can be a lonely place. You pour your heart and soul into a post, hit “publish,” and… tumbleweeds. Crickets chirping. The dreaded “seen by 12 people” notification. It’s enough to make you want to throw your phone in the nearest Instagram-worthy latte and call…
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Targeting the Right Audience on Social Media

Targeting the Right Audience on Social Media: Discovering Your Niche There are billions of users on social media, but only some of those users are your target audience. It’s vital to identify and connect with your target audience effectively so you’re not wasting money or time on those other users who don’t fit your customer…
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hashtags to use on instagram

The Scoop on Hashtags for New Businesses

One of the most frequently asked questions by new clients is, “What’s the deal with hashtags?” The question is often followed by, “I just don’t get it.” We understand; to someone who is new to the platform, they look messy, almost (dare we say it) spammy, and they’re everywhere on Instagram. But hashtags are VITAL…
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Instagram and Facebook Stories

Instagram and Facebook Stories: Why and How to Use Them

What are Stories? On both Facebook and Instagram Stories are an ephemeral feature that lasts for 24 hours, only to disappear forever after (Instagram allows you to save it as a Highlight). It can be a photo or video, full of filters, stickers, and other fun effects. You can run Story ads, too (more on…
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Hashtags: When to Use Them to effectively build your brand

Hashtags: Where to Use Them

Hashtags are everywhere. They even show up verbally in our conversations. But just because you see and hear of them everywhere doesn’t mean your business should be using them everywhere. There is a time and a place for hashtags, which we’ll explore in this article. Hashtags are a topic that can be one word or…
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